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Name:InugamiRPG OOC
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✿ You wake up at a desk in a classroom, your hand clutching a piece of paper rolled up and tied with red ribbon. Beyond the windows is a flat grey fog. Outside the windows at the end of the room furthest from you stands a tree bursting with pink blossoms - but no, you lean closer to the window and there is no tree outside. The blossoms are painted onto the window, and are strangely shaped. Near the painted flowers stands a teacher, arms crossed, glaring straight at you. The teacher turns back to the blackboard and begins to speak, but you understand nothing.

Was everything you remember a dream? As you look at the students, some whispering and others smirking, all stealing glances at you, you realize they all look exactly the same. And when evening descends, all too soon, you begin to realize the halls are not what they seem.

✿ Inugami is a panfandom high school psychological/body horror game with a focus on the Lovecraft mythos and Japanese mythology. Your character takes the role of a student at Inugami Academy, where everything is eerily normal - but only on the surface. They can attend classes, join clubs, and use school facilities, or they may choose not to. But remember - every choice has its consequences.

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✿ code credit to [personal profile] bread

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